Latest Update : (Harshan Vihar) as on 09-02-17

    AWHO has been successful in obtaining additional height clearance from Airport Authority of India (AAI). This has been done in order to bring down the cost by constructing more dwelling Units.

    Subsequently, the revised planning is in progress. Registrants/ allottees shall be asked for options in due course.


    Update (as on 13-11-14)

    Letter to all Registrants of Thiruvanathapuram (Harsan Vihar ( Pls click here )

    It is intimated that the current subscription to the project is very low (only 120 against 268 DUs proposed to be constructed). Further advertisement for the project shall be undertaken on receipt of the ibid tentative cost.

    In the event of continued low subscription, we may be constrained to delay commencement of the project; or in the worst case consider shelving the project after due process and involvement of allottees.


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    For serving personnel, the best option to avail home loan would be from AGIF. Their ROI is the lowest and is fixed.


    How much loan can one get?


    The Loan amount is as under :-

    ·      Maximum loan from Govt (HBA) for AWHO property is Rs. 2.10 lac (provided the cost of flat is not more than Rs. 37.5 lacs).

    ·      Maximum loan which can be availed from AGIF is Rs. 60.00 lac but the actual amount of loan is determined by the net salary one receives and the number of years of residual service in the present rank.

    ·      Repayment capacity is one of the main criteria for determining the loan amount. The loan amount cannot exceed 85% of the cost of the dwelling unit (DU). Most agencies give only upto 75% of the cost of DU.

    ·      Most of the agencies grant upto 35-40% of one’s gross income for 4 years if the allottee is below 45 yrs of age and 35-40% of gross income for 3 yrs if the allottee is more than 45 yrs of age.

    ·      AGIF takes only the salary into consideration but Housing Finance Companies and Banks can take the co-owner’s/ spouse’s income and also income from other sources into consideration for calculation of Loan amount eligibility.

    ·      Note: Allottees are free to approach any Loaning Agency of their choice.



    What are the points to be kept in mind regarding housing loan?


    ·      Housing loan to be applied for after booking/ allotment letter is issued.

    ·      An allottee has to pay 15-25% of the cost of Dwelling Unit to the allotting agency to be eligible to apply for a loan.

    ·      There is no rebate in Income Tax for availing a loan. The rebate is for the re-payment of the loan equal to the amount of interest paid on the housing loan.

    ·      No rebate is available till possession of DU is taken. Rebate on interest paid prior to financial year of possession is available in 5 equal installments from financial year of possession. This is in addition to interest payable in current financial year.

    ·      Interest rate and other parameters are rapidly changing due to volatile economic scene and stiff competition among loaning agencies. An allottee should not process his loan papers prematurely. It is advisable to process papers just before the payment due date.



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